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The project is defined by the light and bright expression of its facades in the green context of the district of La Bâtie. The buildings are part of the park, forming a succession of gardens linked together by a mineral path, materialized by a clear pavement similar to the colors of the facades. The layout of the places is based on a principle of gradation of vegetation: the parts near the homes are planted with grasses and shrubs privatizing the area surrounding the apartments on the ground floor while the central part of the park is sodded. A playground is located at the intersection of paths, in the shade of a large lime tree. This place of life and meetings links the project to its neighborhood by integrating this centrality in the district of La Bâtie.

The rhythm of the facades is given by an alternation of bronze panels, linked to windows and loggias. This principle allows, in an economic way, to create a dynamism while maintaining a simple structure.

The apartments are arranged around two stairwells, served on the ground floor by a fissure that runs through the building; this passage also serves the common areas (common room, bicycles and strollers) while taking advantage of the natural light. The PPF (Property per floor) apartments of building B have a through typology, integrating the loggia in the continuity of the row focused on the living room, kitchen and dining room. The apartments MD (Mixed Dwellings) buildings B and C are divided into different typologies of 3 to 6 rooms.

The levels are organized in a similar way in order to preserve the verticality of the supporting structures and the technical sleeves. These buildings in their park will be a catalyst for living together, focused on the outside while allowing, through the use of loggias, a respect for privacy.