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The WHO headquarters was designed by Jean Tschumi in the 1960s and is considered one of the masterpieces of Geneva architecture. The new extension aims to house offices for 700 employees under one roof, a conference center and a restaurant.

Our project is part of the continuity of the spiral figure designed by Jean Tschumi. In the main building, the new building is located between the park and the esplanade and has no “front” or “rear” faces. A two-level plinth on the slope of the site accommodates the “static” parts of the program – the conference center, the restaurant, and the technical rooms – and allows the emerged building to offer maximum flexibility and transparency for the offices.

The new building stands out from that of Tschumi by a monolithic architecture that is pierced by a few loggias planted and a passage between park and esplanade, meeting place and access to all elements of the program.